How To Remove Maybe Contact From Iphone – Easy Trick

How to remove maybe contact from iPhone – Hi there welcome back to another guide, It’s happened to all of us you’re talking to someone and they say they’ll maybe contact you later, but you never hear from them again. Or, you meet someone new and exchange numbers, but when you go to add them to your contacts list, their name is just ‘maybe.’ So, what is maybe contact on iPhone? Maybe contact on iPhone is simply a placeholder for a name and number that you don’t have yet.

But many iPhone users found this maybe feature very annoying and confusing. To get rid of this feature here we have come up with a short and to-the-point guide on how to remove maybe contact from iPhone

There are a few ways in which you can try to remove maybe contact from your iPhone.


How To Remove Maybe Contact From iPhone

Method 1. Turn off Siri suggestions on your device

Sometimes it happens because you have turned on Siri’s suggestion on your iPhone. To disable this go to the settings of your device and then click on Siri, then turn off the toggle for ‘suggestions on lock screen’

Method 2. Sign in and Sign out from iCloud

Although this is not a fixed method you can give it a shot because this trick has worked for many devices. All you need to do is open settings on your iPhone and then simply tap on your name and then sign out. And then sign in again with valid credentials, then check you might have fixed the problem.

Method 3. Delete and then add the contact

Just like the above method, you can try this as a trick all you need is to launch the contact app, tap on edit and then press the delete button. And then add the contact again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my iPhone to stop suggesting contact names?

Yes, you can easily do this on your iPhone just launch the settings menu and then go to the contact section, now simply tap on Siri and search and then turn off show contact suggestions.

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How to get rid of name suggestions on iPhone?

If you are frustrated with name suggestions on your iPhone then simply turn it off by going to the settings menu, then tap on Siri and search and then simply tap on the switch beside ‘suggestion when sharing’.

How to find pinned messages on your iPhone?

This is one of the most useful features that the iPhone has, if you don’t know how to find pinned messages on the iPhone then follow these steps.

  • First of all, open the chatbox or inbox to see your pinned messages
  • Click on the profile photo
  • Now there you will see a popup and find all the pinned messages from your chat

How do you hide a conversation on iMessage?

Well, sometimes we don’t want our conversation to be seen so in that case, you can easily hide that in a few clicks.

  • Open settings on your iPhone
  • Click on notifications
  • Scroll down and click on messages
  • Go to options and change on never

Can I recover deleted imessages?

Yes, you can easily do this and there is no one fixed way to do this there are a number of ways. You can access your deleted iMessages from iCloud backup, if you have saved backup to a computer then you can use iTunes for that.

Are deleted messages gone forever?

No, we think that once the message is deleted then it is gone forever but the truth is a copy of it is sent to a network provider and it is marked as deleted iPhone’s internal database.

Final Words :

So this was our short and simple guide on how to remove maybe contact from iPhone we hope you have found it helpful, and also we have discussed some related questions which clear all your doubts.

If you have any suggestions or any queries then please comment down below we will love to help you guys.

Thank you for reading.

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