Most Common Problems In Oppo A56s : Reason & Fixes

Hello there welcome back to another guide today we will discuss common problems in Oppo A56s.

If you’re the proud owner of a new Oppo A56s, you may be experiencing some common problems and issues but don’t worry in this guide we have come up with proven solutions and fixes which will definitely help you in this situation.

So without any further ado let’s discuss what are the common problems in Oppo A56s and how can we easily fix them.


Quick specifications of Oppo A56s

So let’s have a quick overview of Oppo A56s configurations. The device was launched on 9 january 2023.

  • Display – 6.56 inches
  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 810
  • Front Camera – 8MP
  • Rear camera –13MP
  • RAM –  8GB
  • Storage – 256GB
  • Battery – 5000 mah
  • OS –  Android 12

List Of Most Common Problems In Oppo A56s

Before proceeding further we want to ensure you that all the solutions for common problems and issues are proven and tested, so we want our readers to read the article till the end and then apply each step properly.

So without any further delay let’s discuss common problems and issues which are found in Oppo A56s.

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1. Frozen Screen And Laggy Interface issue

This is also the most frustrating issue which is observed in this mobile phone. Sometimes while just playing games, or just scrolling randomly many users have observed frozen screens and laggy interfaces.

How to fix the frozen screen issue and laggy interface in Oppo A56s?
Solution guide :

So if you have also encountered a similar issue on your phone, then follow the below steps to fix this problem.

  • If you are facing this issue while using a particular app then simply go to settings and then clear its cache. If this doesn’t work then simply uninstall that application and reinstall it again.
  • The next thing you can do is to check whether your device’s operating system is updated or not. If not then update it.
  • If you are still facing this issue, then at last you can hard reset your device which will solve all your device’s problems.

2. Sudden shut down / Phone not turning on

How to fix the sudden shutdown issue in Oppo A56s?
Solution guide :

Another common problem that Oppo A56s users are facing is that their phone is not turning on or sometimes it suddenly gets shut down. But don’t worry there are a few things that you can try to fix this problem.

  • First, make sure that the phone is fully charged. If the battery is low, the phone may not turn on. If the battery is completely dead, you may need to plug it into a power source for a few minutes before it will turn on.
  • If the phone is still not turning on, try holding down the power button for a few seconds. Sometimes this will reset the phone and allow it to turn on.
  • If you are using your device for a long time while performing heavy tasks such as video recording or running high-end games constantly then it increases the phone’s temperature and sometimes it gets shut down automatically. In such situations let your device cool down and then try to turn it on again, it will be fine.

We hope you have found the solution to your problem if neither of these solutions works, then there may be a more serious issue with the phone and you should take it to a service center or contact their customer support for further assistance.

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3. Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

How to fix the Bluetooth connectivity issue in Oppo A56s?
Solution guide :

If you’re having trouble connecting your device to Bluetooth devices and wifi, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

  • First, make sure that both your phone and the Bluetooth device are turned on and in range of each other.
  • If that doesn’t work, try restarting both your phone and the Bluetooth device. You can also try clearing the Bluetooth cache on your phone by going to the Settings menu and selecting ‘Storage & USB.’ Finally, if you’re still having trouble, you can try resetting your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

4. Battery life draining too quickly in Oppo A56s

This is by far the most common issue you will find in Oppo A56s, but don’t worry we are here to help you with this. So there are a few things that you can try and can boost your battery life again

How to fix the battery draining issue in Oppo A56s?
Solution guide :
  • One thing you can do is to make sure that you’re not overcharging your phone. When your phone’s battery gets too low, it will stop charging until it reaches a certain point. Once it reaches that point, it will start charging again. However, if you leave your phone plugged in for too long, it can damage the battery. So, if you’re not using your phone and it’s plugged in, unplug it after a few hours.
  • Another thing you can do to improve your battery life is to use a power-saving mode. Power saving mode can help extend your battery life by reducing the amount of power your phone uses. You can find the power-saving mode in the settings menu on your Oppo A56s.
  • Always avoid downloading third parties applications or cracked apps because they are quite risky and they will not only drain your phone’s battery but also it will make your device more vulnerable to security risks.
  • Turn off your GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi if not needed, it also drains your battery in the background.
  • If you are using your smartphone in full brightness, then also it will drain the phone’s battery too fast, always use it accordingly.
  • Finally, keep an eye on the apps you have installed on your phone. Some apps are more resource-intensive than others and can drain your battery quickly. If you notice that one of your apps is using a lot of battery, consider uninstalling it or finding an alternative

We are sure after following the above tips you will not face any battery-draining issues in your smartphone if you are still facing it then we will advise you to hard reset your device or simply contact customer care support they will guide you best in this case.

5. Overheating issue 

Overheating is also one of the most common issues observed in Oppo A56s. So if you are facing this then you can try these steps and say goodbye to this problem.

How to fix overheating issue in Oppo A56s?
Solution guide :
  • Always use the original USB cable and adapter to charge your phone.
  • Remove the phone case while charging, it helps to pass the air properly and your device will remain cool.
  • Always avoid using apps from unknown sources or third-party apps, such type of applications drains the battery too fast and overheat your phone.
  • If you play long game sessions then also your device gets overheated. So consider taking a break in between.
  • Don’t use your phone while charging also it is quite risky.

We hope you have found the solution but still if you are facing this issue then we will advise you to take your smartphone to the service center. They will inspect your device thoroughly and your problem will get resolved.

6. Mobile data and Wifi Connectivity Issue

If your smartphone is facing an issue while connecting to the internet whether it a cellular data or wifi then you can follow the below steps to fix this problem.

How to fix the data and wifi connectivity issue in Oppo A56s?
Solution guide :
  • First of all, shut down your mobile phone and remove the sim card, insert it again and turn on your device.
  • After turning it on switch your device to flight mode for 1 minute, then try to connect it to mobile data or wifi.
  • If it doesn’t help then reset your network settings, and then try to connect your problem will be fixed for sure.

7. Games and applications crash or stopped working

This is the most frustrating problem for every smartphone user, when you are using a particular app or playing a game sometime it crashes down or stops working all of sudden. But no worry we have also found the solution to this problem.

How to fix games and application crash issues?
Solution guide :
  • First of all, go to the play store and check whether the app or game is updated or not, if not then update it.
  • The next thing you can do is to go to your mobile setting and open the application manager and then clear the cache of that app or game.
  • And if still, you are facing the issue, then uninstall and reinstall that application again, this will surely fix this problem.


We hope you enjoyed this blog article discussing common problems and issues in Oppo A56s and how to fix them. We hope you found the solutions helpful and that you can now enjoy your phone worry-free. As always, thanks for reading and if you still have any doubts or queries then comment down below we will love to help you.

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